BREAKING: North Korea Tells Trump Administration It Is Ready To Discuss Denuclearization

This country is beyond lucky Trump won, even though most people don’t know it, understand it, or can’t admit it!

North Korea has long said it wants a strong nuclear program to defend against a possible invasion from the United States, and it’s spent decades resisting international pressure to give up its weapons.

But, now after years of building up nuclear and long-range missiles that target American cities, North Korea may be ready to strike a deal to give them up. On Sunday, a senior administration official confirmed that North Korea has told the U.S. that Kim Jong Un is ready to discuss denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

A U.S. official says that the move clears the way for meeting between the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and President Trump. It’s not clear how North Korea defines “denuclearization,” although the Trump administration has said Pyongyang must abandon its nuclear weapons program. However, the administration did note gave specific information on how and when the assurance was delivered but U.S and North Korean officials have been in communications.

The U.S. official didn’t say when and how the U.S.-North Korea communications had taken place. But the two sides had held multiple direct contacts, Reuters reported.

For the first time in AMERICAN HISTORY, a president EVER got this far with North Korea talking about nothing making nuclear weapons and talks for a denuclearization. It took President Trump not even a full first term to get North Korea to the negotiating table just shows what a president like him can do when he makes his promises and keeps them.

Thank you, Mr. President. I am so proud of this President. MAGA 2020!

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H/T Fox News

Natalie Dagenhardt

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