BREAKING! DOJ Drops Charges Against 129 Trump Inauguration Protesters!

On the morning of President Trump’s inauguration, police trapped and arrested more than 230 people.

DC Police surrounded and arrested more than 200 of the participants in a tactic known as kettling.

Authorities confirmed that some of the participants had broken windows, thrown chairs, and even assaulted a limousine driver, according to an indictment.
Some were anti-Trump demonstrators; some were not. The next day, federal prosecutors charged them all with “felony rioting”.

And we were all expecting a huge punishment for these so-called protesters who are indeed an anarchist who doesn’t respect the law!

Today we didn’t get what we were expecting!

The US government has dismissed charges against two-thirds of the defendants previously facing up to 60 years in prison for protesting President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia announced it would drop the charges against 129 of the remaining 188 defendants, almost a year to the day after they were arrested in the US capital. Fifty-nine defendants still face charges stemming from the January 2017 Disrupt J20 protest.

A jury cleared the first seven defendants to stand trial of all charges against them late last month.
“This is a victory, but the fight is far from over,” Sam Menefee-Libey, one of several activists and legal support volunteers helping defendants in the case, said in a statement on the decision. “The US Attorney’s office continues to zealously prosecute many who were protesting a proto-fascist president and the solidarity among defendants and supporters remain strong. We will keep fighting until everyone is free.”

Kris Hermes, a member of the Defend J20 group that formed in support of the defendants, said the group would continue to fight the remaining charges for these individuals.

“We remain staunchly opposed to these prosecutions – period, full stop – and will do everything in our power to push back against these politically motivated prosecutions,” he told The Independent.

He added: “It’s clear from [the prosecution’s] efforts so far that this is a case not about a few broken windows, but about an attempt to stifle dissent.”

And once again our justice system failed us!

Alex D.

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