David Cassidy, 67, Is ‘near the end’ Some Sources Report That He Is Dead! No Confirmation!

The “Partridge Family” star David Cassidy was suffering from multiple organ failures at a Florida hospital, his rep confirmed to several media outlets Saturday.

Cassidy, 67, was admitted to the unidentified facility earlier this week.

His family has been warned to prepare for the worst, TMZ states. Doctors believe he could die without an urgent transplant.

According to City Herald His publicist, JoAnn Geffen confirmed his passing Saturday evening; noting, “It is with deepest sorrow that I inform you of the death of David Cassidy.”

The Partridge Family star opened up about his dementia diagnosis in February this year, after worried fans questioned his health following a gig in which he forgot the lyrics to his own songs.

The New York Daily News, citing Cassidy’s rep, reported that the singer’s liver and kidney were failing and he needed a transplant.

“I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming,” he said at the time.

Cassidy struggled with his image as a frothy pop star, coming to grips with it and embracing it later in life. However, as he matured and his past glories faded, the ensuing years were not kind financially.

The former star declared bankruptcy in 2015, blaming diminishing royalty checks for The Partridge Family, health issues that prevented him from touring, and bad investments.

The bankruptcy documents claimed: “While he still loves performing for his fans, it is more difficult to travel and perform in various parts of the United States or worldwide due to his health.”


UPDATE: some sites are claiming that he is not dead but as far as we know Google and Wikipedia confirmed the news that he is dead!

Here is the print screen:

Our original source is City Herald and we doublechecked on his Wikipedia site!

We changed the headline because our site made a retraction it’s not confirmed if he is dead or alive for now!

David Cassidy’s official page says he is gravely ill. He might not be long for this earth, but it does appear earlier reports of his death were false.

In any case, our prayers go with David Cassidy in these dark times!

Below is the link where you can read an update about Cassidy’s condition!

JUST IN! David Cassidy’s Official Page Revealed The Truth About His Condition!

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