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Bodycam Video Shows Business Owner Harassed and Arrested by Police For Staying Open

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said Wednesday he will not make a decision on the state’s expiring “stay-at-home” order intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus until next week.

The order, which went into effect March 31, is set to expire April 30, or next Thursday.

The Republican governor said he is waiting to make decisions on what comes next for the state to avoid potentially having to reverse them in the future.

In the meantime, the police in his state act like Hitler’s Gestapo!
Winslow, Arizona police recently arrested a business owner for staying open.

Several people complained to the Winslow mayor when Authentic Indian Store, which primarily sold Native American jewelry, stayed open well into April, police said.
The police also said to the owner a few really strange things for a country that has Democratic values!
“We don’t want you to feel like we’re harassing you.” – Winslow police.

“If you’re open for business we have that right.” – Winslow police.

The body camera video shows police contacting the owner, 71-year-old Daniel J. Mazon, on April 11.

Video below:

From 12 News:

As soon as the officers walk in, Mazon starts recording them with his cell phone. When officers tell him he can’t stay open, Mazon argues that he is in compliance, saying he changed his license name to “Indian Department Store.”

He told officers he was now selling hay, paper towels, water and food, which officers noted were just candy bars.

“I get one or two people a day – corona bologna,” Mazon says as an officer looks at his store license.

Police said Mazon had been warned twice about keeping his store open, once by the Winslow mayor and once again by police, in the days before this incident. The officer says in the body camera video that these warnings came after the store license was issued on March 24.

Police asked Mazon for his driver’s license, but he refused.

“You don’t need my driver’s license. I’m not driving,” Mazon responds in the video.

Police then handcuff and detain him for failing to identify himself.

What is more disgusting than this Governor, Mayor and Police are the “fascist snitches”.

Alex D.

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