Actress Ellen Page Attacks Ivanka Trump After She Shares Photo With Evangelical Pastor

If you tick Hollywood off then you are on the right track.

During the dinner on Monday night, First daughter Ivanka Trump posed for a photograph with Christian minister Jim Garlow. Unfortunately, when the photo posted to social media, Ivanka Trump received a huge backlash after she posed alongside a Christian minister.

On Monday, Hollywood actress Ellen Page expressed her opinion over Ivanka’s photo with evangelical pastor Jim Garlow, accusing the first daughter of “perpetuating horrible suffering and preventing equality from being realized.”

“Nope. Nope. Gross. Awful. @IvankaTrump,” The Oscar-nominated actress, who came out as gay in 2014, tweeted in response to a tweet from Jeremy Hooper reading, “Here is @IvankaTrump posing at tonight’s evangelical dinner with a man who has quite literally claimed marriage equality is a satanic plot to destroy the image of God.”

On Tuesday, Page added: “Don’t ever act like/pretend to support lgbtq+ people ever again @IvankaTrump People like your father, #MikePence, the gentleman you took a photo with and YOU are perpetuating horrible suffering and preventing equality from being realized. Shame.”

Attacking Christians, now that’s the way Hollywood haters roll. But, if we follow Page’s logic, then every celebrity who took a picture with old Harvey likes Rape then!!!

But, what if Ellen Page is wrong? What if God made us Male and Female? What if one man and one woman are supposed to marry and not man and man or woman and woman?

So it is obvious that she is just another Hollywood nobody with no substance and nothing to say.

Dear Ellen Page, feel free to renounce your citizenship and move back to Canada any time.
Signed, The American People.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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