A Close-Up Look At Biden’s Cheat Sheet Reveals That His Mental State Is Really Bad Even For Biden’s Standards

This St. Patrick’s Day will see all of the customary White House traditions: Green ties will be worn, grip-and-grin photo opportunities between diplomats will be had, and a bowl of shamrocks will be presented to President Biden by Ireland’s leader, Leo Varadkar, as he visits the White House before a traditional lunch with congressional leaders Friday.

But amid the pomp and pageantry to mark St. Patrick’s Day, which is on Sunday, the diplomatic discussions at this year’s festivities may have a certain edge to them, as public fury rises in Ireland over President Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas war. There will be pressure on the Irish delegation from their constituents and elected officials back at home to call out what they see as American complicity in the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinians.

Irish PM Varadkar told reporters about the Israel-Gaza conflict: ‘There needs to be a ceasefire as soon as possible.’

“You know my view that we need to have a ceasefire as soon as possible to get food and medicine in and the hostages out,” Varadkar said. “We need to talk about how we can make that happen and move towards a two-state solution which I think is the only way we’ll have lasting peace and security.”

“I agree,” Biden responded.

Video below:

Biden’s handlers then kicked the reporters out of the Oval Office.

Biden faced with this complicated situation needed all the help than he can get but this time his handlers went one step further!

A close-up look at Biden’s cheat sheet showed a photo of the Irish Prime Minister even though he was sitting right next to Joe Biden.

Biden couldn’t function without his cheat sheet. He’s completely shot. But this proves that he needs pictures to recognize people that are next ti him!

Biden also got manhandled and escorted into a building like a runaway nursing home resident:

This is such a terrible look for our country!
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1 month ago

If you vote for this puppet you are an idiot period!