WATCH: Video of Patriotic Farmers’ Convoy Breaks The Internet with Over 8 Million Views

American farmers are truly amazing people! They somehow always come through with a helping hand for each other across the country! Farmers are a SPECIAL BREED of men and women!

As reported by The Times Herald of Port Huron, Michigan, farmers throughout the Midwest have begun collecting needed supplies and transporting them to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado to help farmers who lost crops and livestock to enormous wildfires that broke out earlier in the month.

As it happens, one farmer unaffiliated with the aid effort was driving through Kentucky this past weekend when he passed by one of these very convoys.

“I was in awe and a bit choked up,” he wrote in a Facebook post published early Sunday morning, adding that he was especially touched by the presence of a American flag on nearly every bundle of supplies. “A Law enforcement led Convoy of Farmers hauling equipment, supplies, feed, and hay.”

His reaction to what he saw was strongly positive, to put it lightly:

And doing so without the assistance of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or the Humane Society, the man added.

“Just people helping people, Farmers helping farmers,” he continued. “Americans helping Americans that have had their family farms and their livelihoods decimated by the wildfires across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado … God bless you all.”

What he did not realize when he wrote that post was that by “all,” he meant a lot of people, including Missouri Republican state Rep. Tom Hurst, who had pooled resources with donors and businesses to deliver a convoy of cash, fencing supplies and livestock feed to a number of farms in Kansas, according to The Missouri Times.

“When you see the destruction that has occurred in Kansas, with some folks losing everything they have, your heart goes out to them and you want to do anything you can to help,” Hurst said. (video below)

Americans helping Americans. That’s what this country is about.

THIS is what will ‘make America great’ again. Americans lifting each other up and standing together. Every day in every way.

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