WATCH: “The View” Reacts To CMAs Mocking President Trump – This Is A New Low Even For Them (VIDEO)

I am disgusted that this group of “entertainers” has been able to use their platform to spew rhetoric against our President Trump and all others who have a different outlook for our country. I have never seen so much hate for a President in my life. It’s always the washed-up celebrities that have nothing to lose bashing Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg and her liberal talk show The View is losing rating with every new show so maybe it’s time for them to stop the act and quit! They know most of Americans hate them and will never watch them again! They use every opportunity to slam Trump, since the beginning of his campaign but this time Goldberg took things a step further!

On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts praised the digs taken against President Donald Trump at the 51st Country Music Association Awards by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Wednesday night as “very brave.” Watch the video below!

Via Gossip Cop:

“They were having a little bit of fun and I don’t think it took away from the show,” Goldberg said.

Sunny Hostin brought up comments Reba McEntire made on “The View” earlier this year, saying, “She’s not here to talk about politics, she’s here for her fans and an escape, and I can see both sides of that. When you’re listening to music, you want to separate politics and just chill out.”

Meghan McCain said that country music is usually a “refuge for conservatives,” and that sometimes Republicans can only get country artists to endorse them and perform. She also argued there’s a double standard, explaining, “Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of heat for not getting political at all during this last election. People were very angry she didn’t speak out at all, one way or the other. So there’s no way to win, it seems, in life right now. If you’re too political, if you’re too supportive of Trump, people blacklist you. If you don’t say anything, people blacklist you, too. So what exactly are we expecting from our artists right now?”

“My favorite country music artists are political. Johnny Cash — Johnny and June were deeply political,” McCain also said.

And Behar opined, “I think in these times we’re living right now, which are serious and difficult and dangerous because of the person in the White House, I think it’s incumbent on all good people to speak out if they can.”

How Pathetic!! The women of “The View” suffer from acute “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. They have a long-standing history of being vicious, foul and toxic. Being part of “The Fake News Industrial Complex” they are out of touch with American values and a sense of right and wrong.


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