Videos: Cop Runs Over Rioter With His Bike Dragging Her 20ft After She Tried To Block Him From Chasing Another Rioter

A Portland police officer drove a motorcycle into a protester who was blocking his path and dragged her for 20ft.

A video that captured the incident shows an officer attempting to get away from a crowd of demonstrators by driving into the protester as she stood in his way. The video was published on social media within minutes.

In a statement released early Saturday morning, Portland police said the woman jumped onto the officer’s motorcycle after the officer pulled over two vehicles, a white van, and a blue sedan, blocking traffic near the intersection of Northeast 47th Avenue and Northeast Couch Street. Another video showed the van speeding off and a group of protesters gathering around the officer as he spoke to the driver of the blue sedan.

As the officer turned his attention to the crowd, yelling repeatedly for people to back up, the driver of the blue sedan also fled and the officer mounted his motorcycle to leave as several protesters moved to block his path. As he pulled away, his motorcycle glanced off a shield held by one protester and he drove into and pushed another for several feet before she fell to the ground.

Two more videos from the incident below:

As many of you know the mainstream media will probably attack the office who was just doing his job.
The police tried to help but the rioters were hostile towards them.

Video below:

Antifa also complained that the victim suffered a full seizure and that her life was in danger.

That wasn’t true either.

Must have learned that from drama class or her art major

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