Videos: Biden On Rape Survivors – “It takes an enormous amount of courage to stand up and tell your story. You give millions of women hope.”

I don’t believe President Trump was ever worried about Joe Biden being a serious threat. Biden has a long history of gaffes and has proved himself to not be the sharpest knife in the drawer throughout his career.

Throughout his decades of public service, the former Senator and current Vice President has earned a reputation for often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

We just found one tweet from VP Biden that dates back in 2015:

Well, that didn’t age well.
I wonder if that goes for Tara Reade as well?

As the recent rape accusations emerged a couple of old videos exposed the Dems hypocrisy and in this case Biden’s hypocrisy.

(5 Apr 2016) Vice President Joe Biden delivered a heartfelt and emotional speech on survivors of domestic abuse and rape at the University of Pittsburgh when discussing a White House initiative to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses.

Biden exclaimed that it angers him when women and survivors of abuse and rape are questioned when reporting cases of assault. Biden urged that the culture that allows the abuse of woman and men must be changed.

The event Tuesday is part of the national “It’s On Us” campaign.

Hundreds of colleges and universities have held events in support of the effort.

The campaign is also intended to encourage students to show support for victims of sexual assault.

Video below:

There is another video where Joe Biden chats with Jimmy about using the It’s On Us campaign, an initiative to end sexual violence, to change the culture around sexual assault.

Video below:

Over the last year, former Vice President Joe Biden has faced scrutiny over his interactions with women, as well as his refusal to apologize for his controversial behavior.

In March 2020, former Senate aide Tara Reade alleged that Biden sexually assaulted her while she worked for his office in 1993. Biden has unequivocally denied assaulting or harassing Reade.

Eight women, including Reade, have accused Biden of touching them inappropriately or invading their personal space in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Seven of the women said Biden’s behavior did not amount to sexual harassment or assault.

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