Video: A SWAT Team With GUNS DRAWN Raided A Peaceful Protest Against Forced Closure In Texas – Arrests Demonstrators

Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the gradual reopening of Texas businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s some of what we can expect under phase one, which will continue until at least May 18:

What can reopen?

All retail stores, malls, restaurants, movie theaters, libraries and museums must limit customers to 25% of their listed occupancy. Grocery stores, gas stations and other essential services that have already been open have no occupancy limits.

What remains closed?

Public swimming pools, bars, gyms, cosmetology salons, massage businesses, bowling alleys, video arcades, and tattoo, and piercing studios cannot yet open.

Abbott’s order, unveiled Monday, says “every person in Texas” must minimize social gatherings and contact with people who are not in the same household unless they need to provide or obtain services from essential or reopened businesses. Those over age 65 are strongly encouraged to stay home as much as possible, and all Texans are encouraged to keep at least 6 feet apart from others and wear a face-covering in public.

Texans had enough and decide that they don’t trust CDC or Dr. Fauci’s advice and want the economy to completely re-open.
Gabrielle Ellison, owner of Big Daddy Zane’s in Odessa, decided to open her establishment on Monday in defiance of Governor Abbott’s decree.

“We can’t take it no more, we’re not going to make it,” Ellison said. “I am aware of what’s going on down the road. I am shocked. I had customers come through saying, ‘You know they have SWAT built up, they have SWAT built up.’ Why would you bring in SWAT on a peaceful situation?”

A group of armed protesters who have been supporting businesses deciding to open amid the government-mandated shutdown gathered at an Odessa Anytime Fitness location that opened on Friday.
The Police arrested the group of armed men and the bar owner.

But the manner of which they were arrested was totally un-American given the fact that the bar-owner even spoke with the Sheriff’s Office before the demonstration!

The police arrived in a massive SWAT tank, they arrested the six armed men who stood with their arms raised in the air.

“This was not a protest of their second amendment rights. It was a show of force to ensure this lady could violate the governor’s order,” Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis told reporters.

The men were charged with carrying weapons on a licensed property and the bar owner was charged with violating Governor Abbott’s order.

Video below:

Law enforcement drove behind the bar where owner Gabrielle Ellison, 47, had told armed protestors to stand because it was not considered her business property, but was her private property behind the bar.

Multiple ECSO Deputies and Texas Troopers drove their vehicles including an Armored Personnel Carrier behind the bar and pointed guns at the armed protesters telling them to put their hand’s up.

Those who were carrying guns were handcuffed and transported to the Ector County Detention Center. ECSO Sheriff Mike Griffis said in a phone interview that six people were arrested for felony unlawfully carrying a weapon on a licensed premise, Ellison was arrested for violation of the Governor’s order and one bystander was arrested for interfering with duties of a peace officer. Eight people were arrested in total.

Archibald said that those arrested were done so illegally because protesters were arrested on private property.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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