Video: Wedding Was Hosted At a Polling Location After the Election — Two Men Allegedly Found Torn Up Ballots That They Pulled Out Of The Garbage Can

Men raise alarm over suspicious find while cleaning up after the wedding
A bag full of discarded ‘ballots’ marked for President Donald Trump were found in the trash at a church in Oklahoma, witnesses claim.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, user Chase O’Shea asserts that he and a friend were cleaning up after a wedding at the church, which also functions as a voting location when they made the suspicious find.

Chase O’Shea, who claims he’s a big Trump supporter but doesn’t post about his political beliefs, said he just had to share a video showing what he and the groom discovered when they were taking out the trash.

“I don’t ever post about political stuff, but if you know me, you know I am a huge Trump supporter,” O’Shea tells the camera. “I want to show you guys what we found in the trash can at St. Anne’s, which is a polling place.”

The other man clarifies, “Now, in the state of Oklahoma, it doesn’t matter because we are all red.”

“However… in this trash, we have ‘Donald Trump,’” he says as he points at names selected on the alleged ballots, which are torn.

The men identify at least eight ballots marked for President Trump and other Republican candidates, gesturing to a plastic bag containing many more similar documents, which are also torn.

“We will say, we did find one ‘Biden’ ticket in there, which of course got mixed up,” the first man says. “This is even happening in Oklahoma guys. I just wanted to show you this.”

“This is absolute bullsh*t.”

The discovery comes amid a slew of similar reports of voting irregularities, discarded ballots, and other incidents of potential election fraud pouring in from around the country.

The video was deleted from every social network but we have downloaded a copy.

Video below:

If these alleged voter frauds proven to be legit then our Democracy is at a huge risk!

Natalie Dagenhardt

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