Maidengate Scandal Breaks: Democrats Allegedly Registered Women Under Their Previous Names

Even with the mainstream media rushing to declare Joe Biden as the 46-th President of the USA these elections are far from over.

With votes in the 2020 presidential election still being counted in many states, President Donald Trump’s campaign says it intends to call for a recount in almost every battleground state because of voter fraud.

And it seems that another scandal breaks out when it comes to our Presidential elections.


A resourceful American using the Twitter handle SomeBitchIKnow has uncovered what appears to be one of the ways that fake votes were harvested in the 2020 election when she discovered that her mother’s vote had been cast under here maiden name. Posting her discovery using #MaidenGate she spurred other women to check their ballot status under their maiden names at previous addresses and what happened next appears to have uncovered one of the ways that fake mail-in ballots for Joe Biden were harvested and counted.

Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin re-tweeted about the latest scandal and added the following caption:
Calling all patriots — especially those *who live or have lived in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania*==>

The original tweet:

Here is how you can help with #MaidenGate:

1. Check your registration status in every state you have ever lived in and been a registered voter.

2. If you can check whether a ballot was cast, even better.

3. If you got a text from a different state asking about your vote, lmk.
4. Check your registration status for any names you were registered under before. Name changes due to marriage/divorce/adoption/WHATEVER.

5. If you are in Oakland Co. MI, Maricopa Co. AZ, Fulton Co. GA, or Alleghany Co. PA especially. But this seems to be nationwide.
6. If your registration does come up clean, look into Supermajority. Or any of these other text farms that were texting people on November 3rd asking if they were planning on voting.

7. Pray. Pray hard. They fear God and his power more than anything. And God wins.

The founders of BLM & Planned Parenthood form Supermajority and team up with Soros to influence Election 2020 as part of a $28 million initiative w/other left-wing nonprofits. What were they working on?

From the Supermajority site:

What is Supermajority?
Founded by a team of women who have been organizing for decades, Supermajority is a membership-based home for women’s activism that affirms and builds women’s power, training and mobilizing a community of all ages, races, and backgrounds to become the most effective advocates they can be and build a more equitable future for ALL women

“Text banking” in battleground states Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania:

OF COURSE, it’s not going to be the government that fixes our broken election system! It’s up to all of us to step up and fix it ourselves. Check on your vote! Has it been counted?

As more evidence has surfaced #MaidenGate has picked up traction. Picking up support from the RSBN Network, Charlie Kirk, and other popular MAGA figures.


Twitter nukes account that broke Maidengate

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