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Video: Trump Retweets Hilarious Viral Video of Texas Mayor Taking a Dump on Hot Mic

For some reason, Donald Trump decided on Saturday to retweet a video of a Texas mayor who was unaware he was still wearing a hot mic when he went to the bathroom. The Twitter user Trump boosted is outspokenly anti-Trump but the President didn’t mind that because the video is hilarious.

Well, if you are a conservative you will find this funny and if you are a liberal than you will call this re-tweet gross.

Sometime between 7:22 am and 8:04 am Saturday morning — the times of the surrounding tweets — Trump retweeted a video from the account of a user named Paul Samuel. Samuel wrote “THIS IS HILARIOUS,” and added, “Mayor of Georgetown in the US excused himself to go & use the washroom in the middle of a meeting & forgot to switch off his mic on his tie & this is what happened.”

Here’s a print screen from the re-tweet:

Video below:

Our President has a great sense of humor! This tweet has a deeper meaning and if you really support our President you will find out what is his intention.

I love a President with a sense of humor!
If Obama re-tweeted this than it would have been the coolest video on earth but now it’s President Trump and the left is attacking him.

The mayor on the video is Dale Ross, a Republican who became an unlikely supporter of green energy when in April of 2017, the city of Georgetown became the largest city in the United States to be powered 100 percent by renewable energy. He appeared in Al Gore’s climate change documentary, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power,” and has been profiled in publications across the country.

But the decision to go green was “purely a business decision,” Ross said – an economic decision with environmental benefits. Ross said city officials signed contracts with solar and wind facilities that provided cost certainty for more than 20 years and mitigated the risk of governmental regulations on different forms of energy.

However, last year, the city lost money because of a sharp dive in oil and fossil fuel prices.

“We did have a bad year last year and I think we lost about $3 million,” Ross said. “But in the five years that we’ve been doing this, the net is over $15 million so this is a 25-year plan, not a 25-month plan.”

Let’s hope that his bathroom is somehow connected with his renewable energy system.

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Alex D.

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