Video: Texas Man Wielding a Chainsaw Scares Off Anti-Police Protesters – They Call The Cops and Have Him Arrested

Officials in Dallas and San Antonio on Saturday lifted nighttime curfews that had been put in place after several days of demonstrations that saw multiple eruptions of violence and vandalism.

In Dallas, the curfew was lifted after consultation with police Chief U. Renee Hall and the City Council, said City Manager T.C. Broadnax.

But the biggest news of the day in Texas came from McAllen a city that is located in southern Texas.

A video from McAllen went viral Friday after a Hispanic man can be seen wielding a chainsaw to scare off protesters who he felt were threatening his business.

As seen in the video, the man started by exiting his truck and then walking up to the protesters with the running chainsaw.

The man can be heard yelling at the protesters “Go Back Home” and “This is the Valley Don’t Let Them Lie to You.” The man can also be heard attacking ANTIFA which was recently made a terrorist group by President Trump.

“Don’t let those f—— n—— out there control you. Don’t let those f—— trash antifa b——- people,” the man continued to shout.

The protesters called the police.
So the anti-police protesters had the man arrested… by police.

McAllen Police Lieutenant Joel Morales identified the man as Daniel Pena. He said Pena was detained Friday afternoon and taken into custody. Charges against him are pending.

Police said no one was hurt in the incident, and that the department was fully prepared for protesters who have a constitutional right to protest.

Watch the video below (Graphic Video Warning: this video features explicit language; viewer discretion is advised):

But what almost no one reported is what happened before.

Here’s a video of what happened before he pulled the chainsaw out:

The far-left protesters even created a petition on against Joel Morales.

So this brave American should rot in prison for protecting his store, where is the outrage now?

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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