Video: John Bolton Allegedly Caught on Camera During “Secret Trip” to Qatar Last Week – Qatar Has Donated Heavily To The Clinton Foundation

It truly is outrageous that John Bolton is pushing a tell-all book after leaving the Trump White House under strained circumstances — and prior to the 2020 election.

Obviously, conservatives were wrong about Mr. Bolton.

As someone who has met John Bolton and admired his career this is a huge disappointment.

John Bolton was recently spotted wandering the streets of Qatar for reasons unknown, sparking questions about why the mustachioed neocon war hawk was in the Middle East.

A video of Bolton reportedly walking on a sidewalk in Doha, Qatar was posted on Twitter.

Rep. Gosar tweeted out the bizarre video of Bolton walking down the street saying, ” We still don’t know why John Bolton secretly traveled to Qatar last week…”

You can watch the video below:

Is this really John Bolton we can’t confirm as we are not 100% sure, but one Twitter user gave extra information.

We all that Qatar has donated heavily to Clinton Foundation and Bush’s charities as well in order to garner favor with globalists.

Qatar is one of the many entities that have capitalized on the U.S. foreign policy establishment’s predispositions to Progressive ideology and to meddling. Let us abstract from such crude influence-buying as the Qatari government’s gift of one million dollars to the Clinton Foundation on the occasion of Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday or the lucrative business connections. The list of Qatar’s contributions to the fountainheads of opinion on international affairs testifies to sound, long term judgment. Qatari operatives rightly regard these contributions, many deployed by their National Research Foundation, as having produced the political equivalent of strategically located military units. Texas A&M, dear to the Bush family’s hearts, has a branch in Doha and, as a partner of the National Foundation, helps designate grantees. Chains of grants to The University of Texas, to Baylor and to The University of North Texas help make sure that the influential people in the nation’s primary energy state will not lack hometown voices that understand Qatar’s points of view. [Security Studies]

It is unknown whether Bolton is in Qatar to cash in on a lobbyist job, as so many former government officials are known to do, or to do something more sinister.

One Twitter user identified the location of the video:

Bolton, who left the administration in September, frequently clashed with the president on a range of foreign policy issues. Democrats have been pushing for the former diplomat, 71, to testify in Trump’s impeachment trial, demands amplified by new revelations in his forthcoming book.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Bolton was “regularly appalled” by the president’s behavior, citing people close to the former advisor. A person familiar with the book added that Bolton was unsure if Trump was motivated by U.S. interests or by “nefarious” goals.

If Bolton’s trip was just some “weekend getaway,” so be it. But if it wasn’t, we have a right to know about so we can start digging.

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