Video: Joe Biden Adds a New Wardrobe Item to Prevent Falls – This Might Explain His Strange Movements Lately

A stumble-prone President Biden is taking urgent steps to prevent further embarrassing falls ahead of next year’s election — including working with a physical therapist to improve his balance, wearing tennis shoes and using shorter stairs on Air Force One.

Biden’s team is said to be determined to protect the 80-year-old president from taking yet another spill in public, which could hurt his electability after a recent poll showed that three-quarters of Americans consider him too old to serve a second term in office, reported Axios.

Since November 2021, Biden has been meeting with physical therapist Drew Contreras to perform exercises meant to improve his balance.

Biden has been doing the exercises most mornings on the advice of his physician, who termed them “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers” in the president’s health summary released in February.

But it seems that the exercises didn’t help.

Biden’s handlers decided to put a new wardrobe item to prevent Joe from falling!

Joe has new anti-trip shoes which were fist spotted during his strange robotic movement.

Video below:

The latest video, left New Delhi right California:

The president also has taken to using a shorter flight of stairs on Air Force One, after several awkward stumbling mishaps on his way to the higher flight deck.

In March 2021, Biden tripped three times, and ultimately fell to his knees, while going up the longer staircase leading to the presidential plane.

A similar incident occurred in February of this year, when the president lost his footing as he made his way onto the aircraft to leave Poland.

But even the shorter, 14-step staircase has proven to be a challenge for Biden, who was seen stumbling and bracing himself before flying out of Helsinki, Finland, in July.

Alex D.

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6 months ago

Pathetic senile, little girl fondling, old basturd. Hope he falls and breaks his stupid neck.

6 months ago
Reply to  LongTimeTexan

….nobody should ever feel sorry for this degenerate old bastard’s decreptitude – he’s always been a totally corrupt pr!ck

6 months ago

Here is an idea——–Instead of hail to the chief the tune London Bridges should be played as he appears!!!!!