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Video: Health Care Workers Counter-Protest “Operation Gridlock” Again This Time In Pennsylvania

Yesterday two healthcare workers from a Denver-area hospital blocked lines of trucks and cars campaigning against the state government’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Hundreds of protesters defied social distancing laws on Sunday and gathered at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver calling for lockdown measures to be lifted and for nonessential businesses to reopen.

Video below:

By Monday morning local time, ‘Go to China’ was trending on Twitter in the United States as many took to the platform to share and discuss the protester’s controversial remarks. Few American patriots did ask the question:

Are The Healthcare Workers In Colorado Who Block The Lockdown Protesters Another Fake Dem Media PR Photo Op?

Every liberal media outlet reported that these people are medical workers!
But no one identified them!

And today we had a different situation where the mainstream media at least bothered to investigate and reveal the identities of the health-care workers!

In the latest of a wave of protests that have spread across the U.S., lawmakers and protesters who say Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is too strict are staging a drive-in protest in Harrisburg on Monday, following states like Michigan, North Carolina and others that have seen similar events.
Video below:

And just like yesterday, we had another counter-protest from alleged health-care workers.

But at the same time, blocks away, some health professionals in the Harrisburg area staged their own rally – albeit much smaller, and while attempting to remain an appropriate distance away from one another. They wore their scrubs along with protective masks, and held signs for passing motorists and potential protestors to see.

The message was simple: “Go home.”

One of those protesters was ICU Nurse Katrina Rectenwald who was their to protest the protest itself.

She stood a block away from the anti-shutdown protesters with a sign that read “I Don’t Want You In My ICU…Stay Home!”

Another counter protester stood with a sign that read “Trust Nurses Stay Home!”

PA Post reported

Half a dozen medical workers from across the state showed up near the capitol in Harrisburg on Monday to counter the message of hundreds of “ReOpen PA” protesters calling for an end to coronavirus restrictions.

The small group of health care workers told people participating in the larger rally to go home to keep their loved ones safe. But they made their point from a distance.

“Don’t get close to talk to them,” one of the organizers said, explaining that they might be confronted by protesters. In that case, he urged, keep their distance. “They’re all f**king infected.”

“You have a job!” one protester screamed at Katrina Rectenwald, a 36-year-old registered nurse who works at a Pittsburgh hospital.

“There’s people who don’t realize what’s at risk,” Rectenwald said. “People come into our hospitals and we can’t even do CPR because we don’t have appropriate PPE. People are dying because we don’t have the correct equipment.”

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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