Video: As #ObamaWasBetterAtEverything Is Trending On The Internet, Black Trump Supporter Totally Annihilated Obama’s Legacy On Presidents Day

President Trump wasn’t called a racist until he ran against Hillary. That’s how liberals operate. Play the race card every time.

They’ve done it for decades. Fortunately, minorities aren’t falling for it as much as they used to. The black people no longer think they are victims – but free men – to do and achieve as they can. Just like all should be able to do.

Last month, President Trump’s approval rating with African Americans hit 31%. Also, Trump’s approval with African Americans “jumped again… to 36%.
The president’s approval is up 19 points since last year at this time.

And the reason behind this… The African American unemployment rate fell to 6.8%, which is the lowest rate in 45 years.

But this is just an example of President Trump has done for the entire U.S. economy.

Well, Obama just tried to take credit for the booming economy by tweeting that the Recovery Act he signed 11 years ago is reponsible for the booming economy in the last decade.

Naturally, lefties believe him and on President’s day #ObamaWasBetterAtEverything is trending on the internet.

Luckily a brave Trump supporter Terrence K. Williams took to Twitter and totally annihilated Obama’s legacy and congratulate Presidents day to our current President in the best way possible.

Video below:

In one respect, it seems to me, the presidency of Donald Trump has been remarkably successful. In his fourth year of the presidency, he has effectively erased Barack Obama’s two-term legacy.

Did Obama have the lowest Unemployment in History for African Americans.? Nope

Did Obama have the highest Stock Market in History.? Nope

Did Obama Pass the largest tax cuts in History.? Nope

Did Obama Get us better Trade Deals? Nope

Obama was a failure!

Happy Presidents Day Mr.Trump

Yours truly Natalie Dagenhardt.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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