If You Thought The Trump Vs. CNN Wrestling Meme Was Good, This Will Have You In Tears (Video)

CNN network has lost all touch with reality. They are a joke and it is a shame they used to have some credibility as a news org, years ago.

The fact is, CNN has an agenda. It is destroying the legally elected President and push for globalism. They have been part of the team trying to undermine President Trump’s administration right along.

Ever since the first hilarious meme was made of President Trump wrestling and beating up America’s number 1 fake news network CNN, the internet has been flooded with outrageous and downright hysterical Trump Vs. CNN parody memes, Conservative Fighters reported.

This latest one, however, may be the funniest one yet. Watch the video below!

It’s clear from CNN’s blackmailing tactics and their sharp drop in ratings that the people are tired of hearing their lies. It’s only a matter of time before all these memes are all that’s left of CNN.

Take a look for yourself.

Funny they used a Jim Carrey movie, as he’s such a supporter of our President!

CNN needs to go out of Business as they just waste everybody’s time, and the only reason that anyone ever watches them is to see if any of these turds have been fired.

What do you think about this?

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Michelle M.

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