Trey Gowdy Catches Anti-Trump FBI Agents Red Handed! The MSM Ignores This! (Video)

Trey Gowdy stands up for what’s right and goes after what’s wrong! He is one of the few who can bring back justice to our country!

He is a warrior fighting to keep our constitution alive! This guy understands what it means to be elected by the people and that he works for all Americans. It’s nice to know there are some people who care for us and our loved ones.

Today while speaking on Fox News Trey Gowdy revealed that in the most recently revealed texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the officials discussed “how to avoid texts being captured and secured,” and showed a “manifest bias” against the president.

Well we need to know a couple of things, number one we need to know how the world’s premier law enforcement agency managed to lose five months worth of texts and what’s also troubling is in the texts we do have, they’re discussing how to avoid texts being captured and secured,” said Gowdy.

He continued, “So, what’s missing is important, but also what’s there is important. It is manifest bias, not just against Trump, but against his kids, against his business interest. There’s a text where they hope the Trump Hotel fails. That is a level of bias that you rarely see and you never see from law enforcement officers.”

“What’s also troubling to me is this text that Johnny Ratcliff found last night about this ‘Secret Society.’ Now, I have no clue what that means, that was not the phraseology I used, but it’s the day after the election, it’s the same two people that were discussing a little bit later in the texts the damage they had done with the Clinton investigation and how they could, quote, ‘fix it,’ and make it right. That is a level of bias that is stunning among law enforcement officers,” Gowdy stated.


Sessions must indict Strzok & Page for obstruction of justice & sedition. Once charged with sedition, a charge that carries the death penalty. Strzok & Page will roll over & give up everyone involved. And if Sessions won’t indict these two, he must resign or be fired & replaced by someone who has a spine.

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Alex D.

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