‘SNL’ Mocks President Trump And First Lady Melania Trump!! Immediately Gets Shut Down! (Video)

You remember Alec Baldwin right? He is a Big Mouth liberal actor who outside NBC SNL hasn’t had a decent movie career since 1991. Baldwin and SNL show at NBC are going after President Trump for months! They are using every possible insult to ridicule him. “Libtard” Hollywood actor has made it his mission of late to trash Donald Trump.

The cold open of the “SNL” mocking Donald Trump and Paul Manafort, in the now-familiar “what happened this week in Washington” cold open format.

At one point, President Trump and Manafort took a shower so the president could make sure he wasn’t wearing a wire. Also in the shower was Vice President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Watch the video below.

Via Rolling Stone:

After sending a life-size dummy on the president’s 13-day Asia trip, Trump popped into Manafort’s apartment to talk about the charges against him, but the conversation wandered to other things.

“Everything is so politically correct now I’m surprised you can even say ‘oriental rugs’ anymore. By the way, these are fantastic,” Trump said as he pointed down to the floor, where Manafort has rugs atop of rugs.

“What an idiot that Harvey Weinstein is,” Trump told Manafort. “He could have gotten away with all of it if only he had been elected president.”

A fully dressed Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions next enter the shower out to discuss a Manafort pardon as well as their own legal strategies.

“If mean Mr. Mueller comes after me, I’m just gonna roll over and play dead like the half-possum that I am,” Sessions said.

First Lady Melania is seen relaxing in Air Force One, seemingly enjoying the luxury of being able to talk without being interrupted. “For the first time in 10 years, let me tell you about my day,” she tells the Trump blow-up doll at one point.

Isn’t it remarkable how the sexual assaults from Hollywood celebrities, reflect exactly the favorite preoccupation of watchers, SNL is offering what they want, their lives revolve around sex, drugs, sex, repeat. Look at what they come up with, the President with another man. It reflects the Hollywood crowd lifestyle, then they turn around and accuse each other of sexual assaults.

How come none of these mainstream news outlets aren’t talking about the Dona Brazil, Clinton and DNC scandals??? That should be the news, not diverting the people’s attention towards utilities.

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