Ship From North Korea Seized With Weapons Cache For This Surprising Buyer!

President Trump told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to stop wasting time negotiating with Kim because the U.S. “will do what needs to be done.”

Trump is probably right. While it is always good to attempt negotiations, I think the time for that tactic working in this situation is long past – Kim is too far off his rocker.

Trying to reason with people or countries who seem to be incapable of the reason is just a waste. It’s just the sad truth.

And today we revealed another truth about North Korea that is truly frightening!

A stunning haul of rocket-propelled grenades offers a glimpse into a secret trade propping up Kim Jong Un’s rule.
Last August, a secret message was passed from Washington to Cairo warning about a mysterious vessel steaming toward the Suez Canal. The bulk freighter named Jie Shun was flying Cambodian colors but had sailed from North Korea, the warning said, with a North Korean crew and an unknown cargo shrouded by heavy tarps.

Armed with this tip, customs agents were waiting when the ship entered Egyptian waters. They swarmed the vessel and discovered, concealed under bins of iron ore, a cache of more than 30,000 rocket-propelled grenades. It was, as a United Nations report later concluded, the “largest seizure of ammunition in the history of sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

But who were the rockets for? The Jie Shun’s final secret would take months to resolve and would yield perhaps the biggest surprise of all: The buyers were the Egyptians themselves.

A U.N. investigation uncovered a complex arrangement in which Egyptian business executives ordered millions of dollars worth of North Korean rockets for the country’s military while also taking pains to keep the transaction hidden, according to U.S. officials and Western diplomats familiar with the findings.

The incident, many details of which were never publicly revealed, prompted a series of intense, private US complaints about Egyptian efforts to obtain banned military hardware from Pyongyang, the Post said.

A spokesman for the Egyptian embassy in Washington pointed to Egypt’s “transparency” and cooperation with UN officials in finding and destroying the contraband. “Egypt will continue to abide by all Security Council resolutions and will always be in conformity with these resolutions as they restrain military purchases from North Korea,” spokesman Karim Saad told the Washington Post.

But US officials confirmed to the newspaper that delivery of the rockets was foiled only when US intelligence agencies spotted the vessel and alerted Egyptian authorities through diplomatic channels, essentially forcing them to take action.

Egypt, though a major US aid recipient, still maintains diplomatic ties and has a history of military-to-military ties dating back to the 1970s with Pyongyang!

US officials confirmed that the rockets were among the factors leading to the Trump administration’s decision in July to freeze or delay $290m in military aid to Egypt.

After Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s visit to Washington that month, a White House statement made clear that a warning had been delivered in private: “President Trump stressed the need for all countries to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea,” including the need to “stop providing economic or military benefits to North Korea.”

It was uncertain whether North Korea ever received its $23m price for the shipment.

It is refreshing to have a President that is a strong leader and is for the good of the country. Obama was a spineless failure who repeatedly worked toward dividing the country. But, unfortunately, anytime Trump does something good for America or the world the pile of Liberals freaks out!

Little do they know that We the Real Patriotic Americans are behind Trump all the way!

What do you think should we punish Egypt for this treachery?

Michelle M.

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