WATCH! Reporter Professes His ‘Ignorance’ With A Dumb Question About President Trump – Then Sarah Sanders Roasts Him in Front of Everyone

During Monday press briefing, CBS News’s Steven Portnoy asked White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s comments concerning President Donald Trump over the weekend. The New York Democrat reportedly complained that working with the president is like “negotiating with Jell-O.”

He added: “It’s next to impossible.”

Portnoy asked Sanders:

“I will give you a chance to respond to the criticism that Sen. Schumer lobbed over the weekend.

In addition to saying that the president, negotiating with him is like negotiating with Jell-O. And today the senator said that the great deal-maker sat on the sidelines. Was is a concerted effort on the president’s part not to reach out to him this weekend? Was that part of his strategy?”

But, Sarah takes no crap and always has an intelligent answer. In response, she said: “Look what the president did clearly worked. The vote just came in 81 to 18. I would say that those numbers are much more in the president’s favor than in Sen. Schumer’s favor.”

She added: “I’m not sure what changed for him and what he gained. Other than maybe Nancy Pelosi taking a bunch of [Democratic] members [of Congress] out for dinner to celebrate their shutdown. I’m not sure what other positive things came out this weekend for Democrats.”

Watch at 32:21

I wonder…Could Schumer and Pelosi look like bigger fools?

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is the best ever in this position. Why can’t these people not that they cannot get the best of Sanders!!! They should shut their mouths and listen and then go and write their articles!! Then they would not look like idiots!!!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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