Photo: Biden Holds A Card Handed To Him By An Aide That Reads “Sir, There Is Something On Your Chin” – Joe Is Reading The Other Side

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are currently on a meeting with seven governors to talk about how states are responding to a devastating Western wildfire season — and how the federal government can assist.

According to some sources’ details, the virtual meeting will last an hour with governors whose states are experiencing wildfires and drought: Govs. Greg Gianforte of Montana, Jay Inslee of Washington, Gavin Newsom of California, Brad Little of Idaho, Kate Brown of Oregon, Tim Walz of Minnesota, and Mark Gordon of Wyoming.

Biden and Harris will discuss efforts to strengthen wildfire prevention, preparedness, mitigation, and response efforts, and will hear how an early and severe wildfire season is impacting residents and land in the states.

The group is also expected to discuss funding and investing in wildland firefighters, including increasing pay for federal firefighters who are battling blazes, and extending hiring for temporary firefighters. In June, Biden signed an executive order that raised the minimum wage for federal firefighters to $15 an hour.

But once again Joe Biden caught the attention of everyone.

Andrew Harnik who is a photojournalist at the AP published a photo of Joe Biden as he holds a card that says: “Sir, there is something on your chin.” But it’s getting even more embarrassing as Biden is reading the blank side!

Photo below:

Biden on a meeting with governors to discuss wildfire prevention on the White House Campus in Washington, Friday, July 30, 2021. AP, Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Video below:

He is staring at the blank side, a complete and total embarrassment!

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