NBC Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders About Tax Cuts, So She Asks About Reporter’s Paycheck

Sarah Sanders is one loyal woman that speaks her mind and not just the President’s words.

She is one tough, sensible, and patriotic woman.

She is appropriate and stands up for this nation’s values and principles. She is truly an asset to the Trump team. She takes no crap and always has an intelligent answer.

Sarah Sanders said, “Today is a huge day, not just for the White House, not just for Congress but most importantly for America.”

She added that middle-class Americans will “see the biggest benefit out of this tax package” – even though multiple analyses show the plan will disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

Also, multiple corporations announced a mix of thousand-dollar bonuses, pay increases and heavy sums of charitable giving in response to the tax cuts.

One of those corporations was Comcast-NBCUniversal.

So Sarah Huckabee-Sanders had a little fun with an NBC reporter who asked her how the Republican tax overhaul would benefit average Americans.
Sarah Sanders made use of the fact that journalists are getting a pay raise under this tax cut, in part because there was so much misinformation about the tax cut in media. CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted the report with this comment last night:

Sanders responded to Stelter’s comment with this reminder:

NBC White House reporter Kristen Welker asked Sarah Sanders about the tax bill Thursday and how it will help average Americans. Sanders replied: “Hopefully you’re one of the NBC reporters that’s getting one of those bonuses.”

Sarah Huckabee is awesome! I love this powerful force in this very Intelligent and strong woman! She is an honest, solid voice for truth in a quagmire of liberal hypocrites. Gotta love this girl and her ability to clearly articulate what is happening and what the next step is on the Trump agenda.

Alex D.

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