More Winning! Trump Tweets out “5 for 5” After Tuesday Primaries

Ocasio-Cortez And Bernie is a good losing team because every candidate that Ocasio-Cortez endorsed lost in the primaries!

The Democratic Party’s left-wing insurgency found its limits Tuesday night, with voters favoring establishment candidates over more liberal challengers in almost every closely watched race across several states.

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed four candidates in the primary elections, but all of those competing in the Tuesday races lost.

She thinks she is in touch with the working class? She articulates like a valley girl, and she never has the correct information. What a candidate!

Luckily, we already have someone that is in touch with the working class! His name is PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Unlike Ocasio-Cortez President Trump had 5 of 5 during yesterday primaries!

President Trump went 5 for 5 in the race on Tuesday night.
** Hawley won in Missouri.
** James won the senate primary in Michigan.
** Shuette won in Michigan.
** Balderson won in Ohio.
** And it looks like Kris Kobach won the primary for governor in Kansas.

I’m happy but It’s our job to keep people on the ground: Ohio was way too close.

We need to encourage friends and family to stay engaged. Dems have a ton of enthusiasm.

Alex D.

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