Mike Huckabee: Red Hen Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders’ Family to Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment! (VIDEO)

On Saturday it was reported that White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of the restaurant — The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia — on “moral grounds.” A waiter who is working at The Red Hen said that Sanders was served “for a total of two minutes before my owner kicked her out along with seven of her other family members.”

Sanders confirmed the events on Twitter, saying she was told to leave by the owner because she worked for the president.

But, it looks like there is more to this story… Speaking on the Laura Ingraham show on Monday, Former Governor Mike Huckabee said that the owner of the Virginia restaurant that banned his daughter, White House Press Sec. Sarah Huckabee Sanders organized a mob and followed her family to their next restaurant where they yelled and screamed at them.

Via CNS News: “While national media have reported Sarah Sanders’ ouster from the restaurant on Friday, “There’s a part of that story that has not been told,” Mike Huckabee told radio host Laura Ingraham on Monday:

“Once Sarah and her family left – of course, Sarah was asked to please vacate – Sarah and her husband just went home, they’d had enough. But, the rest of her family went across the street to a different restaurant.

“The owner of the Red Hen – nobody’s told this – then followed them across the street, called people and organized a protest, yelling and screaming at them from outside the other restaurant and creating this scene.”

A family member – who is ardently anti-Trump – then went outside to confront and rebuke her fellow liberals, Huckabee says:

“One of the members of Sarah’s in-laws who were there – by the way, most of her in-laws, not her mother-in-law and father-in-law, but most of them are very liberal. And, one of them walked out and said: ‘Look, I don’t like Trump. I’m not a supporter. I’m a far – considered liberal – but, you guys are embarrassing me and you’re not helping your cause.’”

“It was ironic, and he said, ‘Sarah’s not even here; you’re yelling and screaming at somebody who’s not here.’”

Huckabee warned that Americans need to be wary of how dangerous this type of harassment is:

“This is what the Left has been reduced to – it’s really tragic. And, it is dangerous and that’s what I think people need to recognize.”


It’s sad to see the hatred now… I call it political racism. People use to communicate and figure out things.. now it’s an immediate attack. Such hate will never provide solutions it incites an insurgency for division!

So conservatives aren’t allowed to live normal lives anymore?

But, the answer to this is: Boycott owner of The Red Hen out of business! This way she won’t have to worry about the gay employees on her staff what were SO concerned about Sara being there…BOYCOTT HER OUT OF BUSINESS, otherwise, this will never end.

Don’t forget to share this with everyone you know because they got to understand that they shouldn’t mess with Trump’s supporters!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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