Liberals Attack Melania Trump Because Of Her Outfit In Puerto Rico, FLOTUS Gave Them An Answer With The Stunning Outfit She Wore Today! (Photos)

I am sure everybody still remembers when Donald and Melania Trump left the White House, the First Lady sparked an avalanche of media hot takes by wearing high heels when she departed DC for Texas (later changing into sneakers of course).

Yesterday during the visit of Puerto Rico, the First Lady gave the media another chance to beclown themselves.

Melania proved yet again that she didn’t care about the criticism of her heels and wore them as she boarded the plane.

Later when she arrived in Puerto Rico she changed her outfit and she was wearing Timberland boots and white jeans but it seems that was not enough and the liberals manage to attack her again!

Melania didn’t give any statement on those critics she gave her respond with the wonderful outfit she was wearing this morning!

Melania stepped out in a navy blue wool turtleneck jumper by Victoria Beckham, which retails for $1,102 at Swedish retailer FarFetch. The over-sized sweater was paired with black cigarette pants, one of the First Lady’s favorite silhouettes and Manolo Blahnik navy, suede stilettos.

The First Lady hid her eyes from the cameras in square turtle-shell faded sunglasses with her famous tousled hair blowing in the wind. When arriving to Puerto Rico, Melania changed into a more comfortable look, wearing boots, white pants and a cargo jacket.

It makes no difference what she wears! People just want to whine about something. I’m guessing the reason she is there is less important to them than the fact what is she wearing! Shallow is not low enough to describe them all.

Grow up. Find something REALLY important to worry about.

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Alex D.

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