LeBron And Curry Will Go Crazy After Seeing What Trump Just Did For Vegas Shooting Victims

Don’t care what the mainstream media says this President has had 3 major hurricanes and one mass shooting in his first few months of his young presidency and so far he has shown he is a rock and all business for the American people in need.

After the Las Vegas shooting President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania immediately scheduled a trip to Vegas, to meet with the families of the victims and the wounded.

Trump is being tested like no President in history and I couldn’t be more proud of this President and his administration. This President deserves the respect of the nation for the handling of these disasters.

Today he announced something that will make top athletes like Lebron James and Stephen Curry jealous! Remeber when President Trump said that he doesn’t even want Curry in the White House since he disrespected our country well I am sure the same thing would have happened with Lebron if the Cavs were crowned champions!

It seems that President rump reserved the visit in the White House for someone much more important like real American patriots that love this country!

President Donald Trump said that meeting Las Vegas doctors and the mass-shooting survivors they have been treating made him ‘proud to be an American.’
And he revealed that he invited many of them to visit him at the White House.

‘I just met some of the most amazing people,’ he told reporters at University Medical Center. ‘We met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded.’
‘I invited a lot of them over to the White House,’ he added.

Alex D.

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