Jim Acosta Roasted By Congressman: “I Do Not Trust CNN To Be Truthful Or Honest” (Video)

Rep. Mo Brooks repeatedly labeled Democrats “socialists” during his campaign events.

“I am a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, not the GOP surrender caucus,” he said. “As President Trump can vouch, I don’t cut and run. I stand strong when the going gets tough. That is why I have been twice endorsed by President Trump for election. I fought with President Trump for the Make America Great Again agenda and for the wall on our southern border.”

And in an exclusive interview with Fox News, the congressman emphasized that he has “a very good relationship” with President Trump.

“I have stood by his side during two impeachment hoaxes, during the Russian collusion hoax, and in the fight for honest and accurate elections,” Brooks said. “The president knows that. The voters of Alabama know that, and they appreciate it.”

The Alabama Republican led the fight to overturn election results. On Jan. 6, he spoke to the crowd that later stormed the Capitol. Brooks blamed Antifa for inciting the riots.

His support for President Trump made him the perfect target for left-wing media such as CNN.

Today Jim Acosta tried to “trap” Mr.Brooks with arrogant questions but the Congresmann’s answer was just wild.

Video below:

Jim Acosta was left speechless as Brooks rode off on his bicycle.

Unlike Congressman Brooks who handled Jim Acosta as he should GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to actually do an interview that was edited and made her look lost!

Video below:

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