In Pelosi’s District Homeless Drug Addicts Are Now Eating Their Own Feces – GOP Candidate Posts A Video Proof

The homeless problem in San Francisco is out of control.
Also, the poop problem is huge.

San Francisco residents reported more than 30,000 cases of poop to authorities in 2019, city records show.

What was once a hub for newcomers is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of its former residents as more and more citizens of the San Francisco Bay Area are jumping ship at a record-breaking pace. This is what happens when one party has been in control for TOO many years.

Pelosi needs to go and maybe DeAnna Lorraine is the person who will replace her.

Today she posted a video from a homeless man who eats his own feces in San Francisco.

The left was quick to attack her for posting the video, but the problem is obvious.

This is obviously someone struggling with extreme mental health issues and isn’t getting the medical attention needed.
She tweeted:

Oh c’monnn San Francisco… why you want to keep our city so sh*tty?!
Save our s**ty city. Clean it up and Vote #DeAnna2020 on March 3rd!

Video below:

People expressed their outrage:

Few month back was also reported that homeless addicts are even pooping in the grocery stores.

Below you can see the problem with human feces in Pelosi’s San Francisco.

It’s not compassionate to allow addicts and mentally ill to ignore common good laws and tie police hands, like public urination, vagrancy, etc. Health, safety, and security of any community can’t be sustained, yet this is now a norm in all liberal cities. Why keep voting for this?

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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