Costco Exposes The Absurdity Of Seattle’s ‘Sugary Drink Tax’ With Just One Perfect Sign

Liberals. Always striving to prove their stupidity. Looks like they are achieving the goal. On January 1, Seattle’s new ‘Sugary Drink Tax’ went into effect.

As it seems to me this is a good way to put people out of work. Factory workers, delivery drivers, forklift drivers, stock boys, convenience, and grocery store employees, importers, sugar cane farmers, farm equipment manufacturers and mechanics… It all circles towards unemployment.

Luckily, Costco in Seattle put up signs delineating exactly how the tax would cost people and Costco invited people to shop at its warehouse centers outside the city.

Via King 5: “Jason Mercier from Washington Policy Center, which opposed the tax, shot a photo from inside a Seattle Costco that showed the price for a Gatorade 35-bottle variety pack was $15.99. That is until you add the new tax, which bumps it up by $10.34 for a total of $26.33.

Costco also posted an explainer of the new tax, saying it adds 1.75-cents per ounce on “sugar-sweetened beverages with added ‘caloric sweeteners’ or syrups. Then the store posted a reminder that shoppers can go to their Tukwila and Shoreline Costcos to avoid the tax.

Does anyone on the left even grasp their level of hypocrisy? Seriously. They scream to everyone everywhere that a woman has a right to an abortion because it is her body and NO ONE can tell her what she can do with her body, then in the very next breath, tell a person they don’t have the right to buy a soda.

It’s pure lunacy.

What do you think of Seattle’s new ‘Sugary Drink Tax’?

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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