Conservative Commentator Owens Announced President Trump Is ‘Killing Political Correctness’ (VIDEO)

President Trump was elected because half of Americans were fed up with do-nothing professional politicos on both sides of the aisle. They accomplished nothing. The people wanted anti-Washington DC.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens is an incredible up and coming conservative – classy and smart as a whip. She has all the traits that unhinged liberal leaders wish for, but lack.

On Sunday show on Fox News “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” Owens announced that President Trump has “killed political correctness” since he took office. Watch the video below!

Via Breitbart:

Owens, who serves as a spokeswoman for the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA, said political correctness had been taking hold of the U.S. until Trump dared to say the truth.

“I think that what he did in this country was the most necessary thing by killing political correctness. … He stood up on a platform and he started telling the truth,” Owens told Mark Levin.

Owens praised Trump’s tough policies on immigration and his support for the black community and said America would suffer if it were not for Trump.

“His courage and his strength [are] what I admire, and the results that he’s already brought to this country in the 18 months that he’s been in office,” Owens said, adding that Trump is “producing results” as president despite the media’s efforts to label him as a racist.

Owens said this month that she credited the “leftist media” for inciting “violence and hate” against her and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

This whole Political Correctness is bullshit, certainly has gone way overboard. Whatever happened to say it like it is. Trump is what many of us tend to be, telling it like it is and want others to be brutally honest without sugar coating. Problem is so many can’t handle the truth.

Especially those politically correct snowflakes who so easily accepted lies from Mr, smooth talking Obama, or that crooked Hillary. Yes, Trump can be crude, brusque and rude, but he is for real, and he is keeping his promises. I swear this man works 24 hours a day, mind you without taking pay. The man is a pragmatist who finds solutions to problems. He is not looking to win a popularity contest. He just wants to Make America Great.

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