California Uprising… Huntington Beach Prepares To Sue State Over ‘Sanctuary State’ Law

California Gov. Jerry Brown latest decision to pardon five immigrants who face possible deportation resulted in other California cities to announce that they will sue California over its SB 54 “sanctuary state” law, becoming the latest Orange County city to join the anti-sanctuary revolt.

On Monday evening, Huntington Beach’s City Council voted 6-1 to sue California over SB 54 (“The California Values Act”), which prevents local authorities from honoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, City Attorney Michael Gates said Huntington Beach will be the first city to challenge SB 54 in court. He reportedly added that he will file the lawsuit this week and hopes that “other cities in California follow our lead.”

Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey and Council Member Erik Peterson put the item on the agenda, with Posey saying that California’s sanctuary laws “all represent a threat to public safety” and the city needed to “seek relief” from the “constitutional overreach.”

Two weeks ago, Los Alamitos’s city council voted to defy SB 54, voting to exempt the city from the “sanctuary” law. Last week, Orange County’s Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to join the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s three sanctuary laws and condemn SB 54.

And on Wednesday, Escondido’s city council is slated to discuss whether the city will defy California’s sanctuary laws, potentially becoming the first city in San Diego to do so. At least five other Orange County cities are slated to debate whether to defy the state’s “sanctuary” laws in the coming weeks.

Times reported that “a majority of the audience” on Monday in Huntington Beach “dressed in Make America Great Again memorabilia and chanted ‘USA, USA, USA.’”

Orange resident Gerald Thomas reportedly told the story of how he and his family legally “waited in line” to come to the United States from the Philippines and eventually became U.S. citizens.

“Nobody offered us sanctuary or an easier way. If I can do it, everyone who came here illegally can do it too,” Thomas reportedly said. “It’s a personal insult if they think they can bypass our laws.”

Trump supporter and SB 54 opponent Elsa Aldeguer added: “We need legal immigrants. Not illegal immigrants.”

This is a good start. Bring more on the board.

The citizens of California are standing up and taking their state back from moonbeam governor and fellow wacko Dems who have been destroying the state.

I hope all these people will get out and vote in November’s elections. Get the Democrats out of office and hopefully, California can be turned around!!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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