Breaking News! GOP Calling for Hillary Investigation! (Video)

Hillary Clinton and her team are the only ones who do not accept the fact that Hillary is only responsible for losing the election and no one else.

After she lost the presidential election, we all thought that s the last time we see or hear about her. However, we were wrong.

We gonna hear about her and that news ain’t gonna be good for her!

What goes around comes around karma will be knocking on her door…she deserves a reprimand for her wrongdoings just like anyone else Hillary Clinton is not above the law!

Today the GOP finally decided to act and asked for an FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton!
From New York Post:

The FBI must be investigated for giving “special” treatment to Hillary Clinton while allowing people who “hate” President Trump to investigate his administration, GOP lawmakers said Wednesday.

Peter Strzok, an FBI agent with “an extreme bias” against Trump, was involved in immunity deals offered to Clinton’s top confidantes and then was drafted into the Special Counsel Robert Mueller Russia “witch hunt” into the Trump Administration, said Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

“We now know that people who hate President Trump were assigned to investigate him,” Gaetz said.

“This (Mueller) investigation has been undermined and tainted and he should be fired.”

The GOP members of Congress – including Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio), Mark Meadows (NC), Scott Perry (Pa.), Jody Hice (Ga.), and Andy Biggs (Ariz.) – charged that the FBI and Justice Department had a “double standard” for Clinton and Trump.

“Special deals for special people is not the American way,” Meadows said.

The lawmakers want Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a second special counsel to look into Clinton.

Judiciary Committee members plan to press FBI Director Christopher Wray Thursday under oath about biases affecting equal treatment of justice when he appears before the panel.

“Why are the same people that mishandled and provided bias to the Hillary Clinton investigation, why are they still in this administration?” asked Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.). “Why do they continue when they have demonstrated distinct bias against this president and this administration.”

Strzok was quietly removed from the Mueller probe after text messages expressing anti-Trump bias were discovered.

He was also a lead investigator on the Clinton email probe and reportedly urged then FBI Director James Comey to water down language against Clinton from “grossly negligent” – a crime — to “extremely careless” in handling classified information.

Meanwhile, emails from deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe say the Clinton email probe was referred to as “special” and handled with a “small team.”

“Hillary Clinton never seems to have been put in jeopardy of real investigation. The processes and procedures that applied to Hillary Clinton are different than process and procedures that would apply to any other American,” Gaetz said.


I want to see Clinton & Obama go to jail!! They are both criminals, lock them up and make them pay back every penny they took from the hard-working citizens of the USA.

Are you glad to see Hillary getting what she deserves?

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