BREAKING: 2nd CHAZ Shootout Caught On Video Last Night – Streamer Has Phone Stolen By Goon Demanding He Erase Evidence (Videos)

For a second straight night, shooting was reported in the cop-free Seattle protest zone.

A person was injured on Sunday in the area of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” established by protesters against police violence, the second round of gunfire over the weekend.


The Seattle Police Department said in a tweet at 11:26 p.m. that one person had suffered a gunshot wound while inside the area and that a second shooting may have taken place.

“Police investigating reported shooting inside CHOP zone,” the department wrote. “One person at HMC with gunshot wound.”

A man who was filming had his phone taken by one of the CHAZ “protesters” who was demanding that he delete his footage. The idiot thief did not realize that it was livestreaming and continued to film from the stolen phone, also broadcasting his face.

From the sound of the livestream footage coming from the scene, there may be multiple people shot, as the CHAZ inhabitants were calling for medics. At least one person is in serious condition, according to a spokesperson from Harborview Medical Center’s Emergency Department.

Video below:

Another video below:

Then a guy comes up and steals the streamer’s phone.

Watch last 20 mins of this Twitch stream which caught it.
Here the full video:

A direct link to Twitch TV:

This is what happens when you want to defund or remove the police.

Following Saturday’s shooting in the zone, officers responding to the shooting said they “were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims”.

As we reported yesterday witnesses said there was heavy drinking throughout Friday night, then a conflict escalated into gunfire.

Protesters fought each other.

A short while later allegedly part of the protesters returned fired multiple shots at the same protestors.

Video below:

Time to reinstate law and order.
I do have to admit struggling with why the police and 1st responder should respond, but then I remember we’re better than that. It’s what separates us between being the great country that we are and an uncivilized 3rd world country mentality.

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