Another Gold Star Widow Comes Forward And Finally Exposes The Truth About Trump (Video)

Democrats have no shame. The mainstream media will do everything they can in an effort to undermine our President’s reputation among the military. Especially CNN.

They are pushing loudly this narrative that our President said some things to the widow of an American soldier killed in Niger so we move our attention to this and not their affiliation with Weinstein’s sex scandal and the Las Vegas shooting.
Luckily the truth can’t be hidden!

Gold Star widow Brittany Jacobs, stepped forward to personally thank the president for his support, following the death of her husband, explaining further how the commander-in-chief was “supportive and caring” and that his words had likely been twisted around revolving around the previous case.

Jacobs made her remarks while speaking with Fox News, when she defended the president from recent criticism over his phone call to the wife of a slain soldiers, saying, “people need to step back and give the President a chance.”

When asked what was her reaction to all of the back-and-forth situation and how it made her feel, Jacobs explained, “First and foremost, I want to send my condolences to Mrs. Johnson and her family,” adding, “Honestly, the President has been nothing but amazing to me and my family, I think it’s sad the way everyone’s politicizing. I think when the President called her he had the best intentions.”

She then explained how she believed that no president would call a family member and say anything that they think would offend or upset them.

It was then that Jackson said that the entire thing which happened was sad, and that people needed to “step back and give the President a chance and see that he was trying to do the right thing, he was trying to support this family.”

Brittany’s remarks can be seen below:

Our fallen soldiers and veterans and their families should be treated with our utmost respect. Our ELECTED President is a GOOD man who knows and respects that and he would never hurt a spouse of a fallen soldier.
Thank you for sharing your story because the media is evil and doesn’t want the best of our president and your son to be known. They keep trying to undermine the president and will use any situation (no matter how painful to the family of our fallen soldiers).

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