Video: An Announcer Says “We Won’t Be Playing The National Anthem” Before The Match – The Players And Fans Made A Patriotic Move That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

A little technical difficulty wasn’t going to stop a patriotic sports tradition in Manvel Texas.

Before the start of the playoff softball game between Katy and Brazoswood, players were along the baselines waiting for the start of the Star-Spangled Banner. After a short delay, the PA announcer said they were having technical issues and would skip the national anthem and go straight to the game.

Well, some of the spectators weren’t having it and starting singing the song themselves. Within seconds, the whole crowd was singing it in unison. The players came back onto the field and faced the flag until the song was over.

This is patriotism at its finest.

Well done, everyone.

The NCAA’s official softball Twitter account later clarified that the anthem was skipped because it had already been played “before the first full game of the session.”
Katy went on to win the game, 12-5, to take the series 2-1 and advance to the 6A state playoffs.

Video below:

The America I grew up in. We were too busy working to see what was really happening due to corrupt Mockingbird Media.

This is a perfect example of what should be done at every sporting event that refuses to sing the national anthem. ( if there are people in the stands)

Natalie Dagenhardt

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