Slow Motion Video Of The Denver Shooting From Photos Was Released It Shows Matthew Dolloff Clearly Reaching For Keltner’s Gun

Denver police have arrested a private security guard working for a television crew on suspicion of murder after he shot and killed a man believed to be part of a ‘Patriot Muster’ rally outside the Denver Art Museum.

The Patriot Muster protester maced the security guard, who then pulled out his handgun and shot him dead.

This is what we hear from the mainstream media.

But the reality is that the patriot who was shot dead was reportedly trying to defend himself with bear spray when confronted by two suspects at gunpoint.
The man who was shot dead was reportedly defending himself from two men before being killed.

Slow motion video of the Denver shooting from photos was released and it portraits totaly diferent picture
Videos below:

The original photos of the Matthew Dolloff shooting were intentionally darkened, but turning up the low spectrum contrast shows Matthew Dolloff clearly touching Keltner’s gun.. which was found by the police after the shooting.

Video below:

Another video with the full sequence and all the frames in at the end.

And let’s not forget that the guy in a Black Guns Matter shirt was out stirring up trouble after the event with the Trump supporters. He started screaming and trying to get others into a fight:

The man’s name is Jacob Kelly. He’s one of the leaders of the Denver area Antifa-Black Lives Matter (BLM) insurgents. This is the guy that was starting all of the fights. Kelly was involved in multiple previous assaults and was arrested several times by the Denver PD.

The police did alleged that the shooter Matthew Dolloff was a security bodyguard but reports suggest otherwise:

A video that confirms his identity:

And let’s not forget that there’s no record the shooter was a security guard as Mathew Dolloff, is missing on the Colorado list of Registered Security Guards in Denver.

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