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Public School Teacher Is UNDER INVESTIGATION After Offering Cash Bounty For Person With Coronavirus To Cough On President Trump

It seems rather inappropriate for a teacher to use social media in order to offer money to a potential bioterrorist to kill the President. But when it’s mainstream for people to literally believe that Donald Trump is the modern-day equivalent to Hitler, can we really act surprised when people see nothing wrong with openly encouraging people to give him a deadly disease?

Amy Bednarz, an ELL teacher at Villa Nova Middle School in Woonsocket made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

When Bednarz is not teaching English as a Second Language to middle schoolers, or offering to hire people to kill the president with biological warfare.

Below you can see a brief history of her career. Can’t imagine how many children she corrupted with her behaviour!

Local media in Rhode Island soon picked up the story and School Committee Chairman Paul Bourget told Turn to 10 News that “he and superintendent Paul McGee have been discussing the tweet since Sunday night and that an investigation started Monday.”

Bourget told the station that this is a “serious matter” and that a decision about her continued employment is expected by the April 8 School Committee meeting. He also said that the investigation is ongoing as they are working to get “concrete evidence and a concrete determination.”

Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green also took to Twitter and said that “it is unprofessional and sends the wrong message during a time when our whole education community is setting a national example. This is not acceptable and certainly not representative of the overwhelming majority of RI teachers.”

She also showed her racist side.
A tweet from one of her alternate accounts also reveals serious racism directed towards black people.
She also uses the accounts “@teacher_ell” and “@teacher_this,”
Bednarz tweeted that “black folks love to be victims.”

According to Great Schools, 10% of the students at Villa Nova Middle School are black.

When she taught in Fall River there was an incident in which a couple of free-range crotch fruits got loose, she just didn’t want you to think “the worse” of her.

Under no circumstances should it ever be acceptable for a teacher to be fired up about a MCAS rally.

She also threatened Keri Rodriguez, the president of the National Parents Union.

After her tweet started getting shared a lot on Twitter she got a lot of negative blowbacks. But instead of pulling the delete and retreat she did what people like this always do – whined about mean things people were saying to her.

Her history shows that she should have been fired by now and shouldn’t have worked with children, our system failed and she is still working.

But this time she should have a visit from the secret service.

From the

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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