Video: Internet Sleuth Found The Perfect Job For Kamala Harris After She Asked NASA If They Can Track Trees By Race In Pursuit Of Environmental Justice

Kamala Harris is a very special vice president don’t you think? Special. And she asked a very special question, interrupting a NASA presentation to do it, on the issue of tree justice.

That’s right, she wanted to know if NASA can use satellites to “track” how many trees there are on a neighborhood by neighborhood level, with those neighborhoods being apportioned by race, for the sake of environmental justice.

That’s me typing it out long for you, the way she said it wasn’t so words good.

Video below:

After her debacle and yet another gaffe Americans went online and reached hilariously, but what is even more important is that she was able to unite Americans once again as both left and right-wing Americans roasted her online:

Why would you ever need to know this, is the first good question. The second is: do you really need satellites to know this? Come on.

This guy has the perfect job for Kamala:

This is like a scene from The Office or Veep. You see the camera shake as she begins her nonsensical inquiry, followed by an awkward zoom-in. Slumped over, Harris begins to ask the presumed scientist she’s speaking with if he can sort trees by race in order to measure “tree equity” so as to promote “environmental justice.”

Regardless, putting the absurdity of the entire spectacle aside, the word “justice” has been rendered completely meaningless at this point by the left. That’s a shame because justice is actually a good and necessary thing to pursue in the world. Yet, when it becomes nothing more than a stand-in for whatever random far-left policy a Democrat wants to push, the term loses its moral standing.

The idea of “tree equity” is asinine. If we are talking on a global scale, the continent of Africa naturally has fewer trees than the Americas. That is not due to racism or a lack of equity. It’s due to the climate. But if we are talking about the United States, Harris’ question makes even less sense. Black Americans disproportionately live in urban environments. By being definitionally urban, those areas lack the same tree cover as rural areas. That also is not due to racism or a lack of equity, and there are obviously pros and cons to living in different areas of the country.

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