Video: Man Arrested By Mask-Less Cops Because His Son Wasn’t Wearing A Mask In Costco

We’ve received two very disturbing videos today from one of our readers who wished to stay anonymous.

A man was arrested after his son took his mask off inside of a Costco in Georgia. You will notice how the police who arrested him aren’t even wearing masks!

At one moment his son who took the video asks “how is he resisting,” and the cops reply with “he’s tensing his arm!”

They also threaten to arrest his son for obstructing justice in the second video.
Videos below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

If Costco allowed this, boycott them! They could have handled it without cops but didn’t! Arresting the man because of not wearing a mask as they show a “great example” with not wearing a mask, these are not good cops but wanna be cops.

I guess the question that comes to mind is what are WE going to do about this?

We all see the abuse of law enforcement here, people come in saying “this is a dream legal case” but let’s be real- what are the chances this guy hires a lawyer? Wants to shell out 10-15k to get started up with a lawyer?

Without community support, this is going to keep happening. The freedom of this man is in our hands and we must reach out to officials about this.

This video will be this man’s saving grace, record everything!

Alex D.

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