Video: Joe Biden After 75 Mins Of Meeting With Pope “You’re The Famous African-American Baseball Player In America”

Joe Biden and first lady Jill arrived in Italy ahead of the G20. The US President meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican before kicking off meetings with leaders of the world’s largest economies in Rome.


They talked together in private for 75 minutes, an unusually long time by Vatican standards, a sign that the two leaders had a more in-depth discussion than observers had expected.

Francis warmly welcomed Mr. Biden, the second Catholic president of the United States, when he arrived at the papal library just before 12:10 p.m. Rome time. He then invited the president into the library, and the two leaders sat facing each other across the table in the library where Pope Francis has conversed with many of the world’s leaders over the past eight years, including Mr. Biden’s two predecessors, Donald J. Trump, on May 24, 2017, for 30 minutes, and Barack Obama on March 27, 2014, for 52 minutes.

On the table, there was a crucifix, a clock, a notepad, and a bell, which the pope rings to signal the end of the private audience and to invite the president’s delegation to enter the room.

The whole situation wasn’t filmed and cameras weren’t allowed but as soon as their meeting ended A reporter caught Biden lost again!

On the video, it appears that Biden says to the Pope that he is a famous African-American baseball player in America.”

He was allegedly trying to tell that the thing he gave belonged to the famous African-American baseball player Satchel Paige but got confused again!

Video below:

Biden is the 31st president that has met with the leader of the Catholic Church.

The convergence of the White House and the Vatican is only a tradition that began at the start of the 20th Century under President Woodrow Wilson. Even after Wilson, the next president wouldn’t meet face-to-face with the pontiff again until about 40 years later.

But not one embarrassed himself as Biden did!

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