Video: Crowd Acts Shocked When Independent Journalist Pulls A Gun When Antifa Begins To Mob Him

For the second time in a two-month span, peaceful weekend protests in Eugene were marred by a smaller subset of individuals causing property damage and throwing rocks at police, leading to eight arrests on Saturday night, including a 14-year-old female.

At least four individuals pointed handguns at others over the weekend, with one firing a round into the air amid a crowd of several hundred protestors outside the federal courthouse on Saturday, leading to his arrest.

One video surfaced from the protests in Eugene this morning on YouTube where an independent journalist pulls a gun when the crowd begins to mob him.
Video below:

The weekend’s protests in Eugene were larger in number than recent weeks as many came out in solidarity with those in Portland protesting the presence of federal officers there.

Eugene Police made seven arrests Saturday night and early Sunday for rioting by individuals aged 21 to 40 and all from Eugene, with three, also charged with disorderly conduct, two for resisting arrest and two for interfering.

“It’s unfortunate that yet again we’re having a conversation about a small group of individuals that after three-plus hours of being heard felt like what being heard meant to them was to damage local businesses and public property and to throw rocks at police officers, damaging police cars and hurting officers with rocks,” Skinner said.

Several local businesses and the police auditor’s office were vandalized with graffiti and windows were broken at a Wells Fargo, Whole Foods, and Elk Horn Brewery in downtown Eugene late Saturday night and early Sunday.

Luckily, unlike the police, we can still protect ourselves.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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