Video: As New Fencing Goes Up Around The US Capitol U.S. Convoy Organizer Has A Message For President Biden That Is Widely Ignored By The MSM

A massive Freedom Convoy of truckers is heading to Washington, DC, from Los Angeles to protest pandemic mandates just in time for President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 1.

The peaceful convoy will be composed of trucks and motorcycles and does not intend to gather at the Capitol. Instead, the convoy will protest near the White House and the National Mall with Christian bands and preachers.

So far, around 38,000 people have signed up for the convoy.

Kyle Sefcik, the organizer of the Freedom Convoy USA 2022, said they want to send a message to the president.

Here is the full transcript and the video below:

“This message is for the President of the United States of America. My name is Kyle Sefcik of the Freedom Convoy USA 2022 and our routes meet here in DC on March 1st, in time for your State of the Union address.

We are very organized and our routes are public. I even put a permit for the National Mall to be respectful. I just want to be as transparent as possible from the start so there’s no confusion. We are coming peacefully and we’re going to do this lawfully and Constitutionally.

I want the rest of the world to know our plans so that there’s no twisting and lying about who and what we are. I’m coming to you as a father, a small business owner who’s unaffiliated to any parties. We just want government overreach to end.

On behalf of Freedom Convoy USA 2022, we are asking you to end the State of Emergency. End the mandates once and for all.

Sir, the world is watching us, because they know that if what’s happening in Canada happens to us here in the Land of the Free, then freedom as we know it is gone. So, we are leaving the choice to you. The decision is in your hands.

This whole convoy, this whole assembly on the national mall – it doesn’t even have to happen if you just end things now and we can get on with our lives. To you other convoys that plan on meeting us here, we look forward to seeing you and joining with you. We’re going to do this right. We’re going to do this honorably.

Mr. President, we have no other motives in this mission. You see, the Government, our elected officials of both parties have failed us tremendously in the last two years and now it’s time for us, We the People to fix this. To end this.

We’re ready to get back to our lives, the ones promised and guaranteed in the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the contract that you signed and swore an oath to under the One True God.

This is simple. End this.”

Watch the video below:

Bob Bolus, a trucking company owner in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is also organizing a convoy headed to D.C.

“We will be along the Beltway where the Beltway will be shut down,” Bob Bolus told Fox 5 DC. “I’ll give you an analogy of that of a giant boa constrictor. That basically squeezes you, chokes you and it swallows you, and that’s what we’re going to do to D.C.”

He added, “There will be a lane open for emergency vehicles, they’ll be able to get in and out and all that. We will not compromise anybody’s safety or health, one way or the other. As far as if they can’t get to work, geez that’s too bad.”

“There will be disruptions to traffic, that kind of thing,” Police Chief Robert Contee complained Friday. “I think we need to be very candid with the public about some of the expectations based upon what we’ve seen in Ottawa.”

While the truckers send a peaceful message the mainstream media and the White House ignore them and even raise a fence like there is a terrorist attack coming!

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Reminder: The purpose of the articles that you will find on this website, are to EDUCATE, not to disinform or grow hate and anger!

Michelle M.

Michelle is an American conservative author she is committed to the constitutional principles of individual freedom, economic liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, and traditional values. She is a libertarian and provocateur who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington, while exposing politicians and individuals who wish to do us harm.

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Alex D.
1 year ago

Dear God please keep an eye out for the FBI.

Cathy Cloud
Cathy Cloud
1 year ago

Don’t go near the Capitol! No need for a rally there. The size of the convoy circling DC should be enough.

John Wheat
John Wheat
1 year ago

Bravo Good Sir! Godspeed.

Larry Folds
Larry Folds
1 year ago

Useless endeavor. The government will retaliate. I hope you are prepared for the aftermath. They have long memories and a long arm.

1 year ago
Reply to  Larry Folds

I reluctantly agree. Biden is looking for any excuse – real or manufactured – to call a national emergency and to declare martial law. As part of his newly grabbed powers he will postpone elections – indefinitely.

1 year ago

You can bet that there will be KGB (oops, I mean FBI and capitol police) infiltrators who will attempt to cause trouble along with blm and antifa criminals as well. I know the truckers will not take the bait, but must still be aware of what may transpire. The mainstream media will also not report fairly but will take the side of the marxist government, blm and antifa.

1 year ago

Biden is guilty of Nuremberg code crimes against humanity with the dangerous injections and this planned out covid pysop. Nuremberg 2.0 is coming.
Truck Biden, Trudeau and the NWO.

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