Video: Antifa Retreats After Police Shoot Pepper Bullets And Tear Gas In South LA – Chase A Journalist And Calls Him Nazi

For the second straight night Monday, violence broke out between dozens of people protesting the shooting death of Dijon Kizzee and deputies outside the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station.

With deputies stationed behind barricades, the demonstration in the 1300 block of West Imperial Highway was mostly peaceful until items such as rocks, mortars, and bottles began to be thrown, according to the sheriff’s department. Deputies then used non-lethal weapons to disperse the crowd.

At least five people were arrested, the sheriff’s department said. This is in addition to 12 who were arrested on Sunday night.

During the riots, Antifa chased a reporter and called him “Nazi”

Video below:

A few moments later the police clear out the rioters with pepper bullets, flashbangs, and tear gas.
Videos below:

Speaking earlier in the day, L.A. Sheriff Alex Villanueva warned about outsiders seeking to incite riots.

“We definitely want people to protest peacefully, but when the sun goes down, people that show up here, they’re not from the community, they’re armed to the teeth; they have rocks, bottles, lasers, fireworks, mortars, hard hats,” Villanueva said. “They came here to cause trouble, to create damage.”

There were no serious injuries reported on either night.

“To those protesting at South LA Sheriff’s Station: We support the community wanting to protest, to peacefully exercise their 1st Amendment rights. However, we are concerned there are individuals from outside of the community, and state, wanting to incite riots,” LASD tweeted Monday evening. “Those individuals have already committed acts of vandalism, looting & assaults utilizing rocks, pipes & mortars. Everyone’s public safety is our priority. If you are in the area, please be aware of your surroundings so that you are not hurt by those inciting violence.”

Natalie Dagenhardt

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