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Video: Pandemic Scientist From The U.S. Says His Team Has Found Potential Cure for COVID-19 Virus

A SCIENTIST from Netflix documentary series Pandemic says his team has discovered a potential coronavirus cure.

The COVID 19 infected at least 800,000 and killed nearly 39,000 globally.

In the U.S. we have 165,482 cases and 3,186 deaths.

It seems that Americans will come to the rescue yet again.

The bioengineer Dr. Jacob Glanville said his California-based team has been working around the clock trying to come up with a drug to beat Covid-19.

And yesterday he announced they might just have found one.

CBS8 in San Diego reported:
A California scientist and his team say they have found a potential cure for COVID-19.

News 8 introduced you to Dr. Jacob Glanville of Distributed Bio a couple of weeks ago. He’s one of the doctors featured in the Netflix show “Pandemic.” His team in the Bay Area has been working around the clock trying to come up with a drug to treat COVID-19. Monday he announced he believes they’ve found one.

“We are happy to announce we have completed the engineering and we have some very potent antibodies that can be effective against the virus,” said Dr. Glanville.

Below is News 8 reporter Kelly Hessedal’s extended interview with Dr. Glanville and the answers he gave on the potential cure:

Well, looks like good news upon good news with treatment regimes. Between this, HCQ/Zinc/Z-packs and some other anti-virals, we should be able to bring down the death rate even further, especially for those most at risk.

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