Video Allegedly Shows One Of The Main Provocateurs Involved In Babbitt’s Shooting Going Behind A Squad Of Police On The Stairs Change His Clothes And Disappear


FBI placed a warning of “armed protests” being planned at all 50 state capitols and Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day.

Security has been stepped up in Washington following last week’s violent riot at the U.S Capitol where a mob of pro-Trump supporters stormed the building to prevent Congress from certifying the election. Citing “credible threats” against the popular landmark, the National Park Service has shut down the Washington Monument.

However, the riots that happened on Jan. 6 are still causing concerns about the safety of the capitol as well as accusations by some GOP members that wasn’t only Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol.

President Trump reportedly brought up Antifa being responsible for the event during a phone call with House minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Axios reported, citing a White House official and a second anonymous individual with knowledge of the call.

Officially there is no evidence indicating a slew of undercover Antifa individuals stormed the Capitol disguised as Trump supporters, and the FBI said that there is “no indication at this time” that the far-left group was involved.

Even if officially there are no proofs of other groups being involved in the riots some videos that surface lately show certain people acting as provocateurs in the riots. We are not claiming that they are Antifa but they definitely look like provocateurs.

One internet sleuth decided to give a full report and claimed there were dozens of provocateurs.

He called his threat a play on 4 acts.

Act I: Infiltration.

Video below:

Act II: Action.

Video below:

Act III: Exfiltration, Ashli Babbitt shooting.

Video below:

Act IV: Change Disguise.

Video below:

We got some images immediately after the shooting of Ashli Babbitt.

The video appears to show this same person who is somehow allowed to go back behind a squad of police on the stairs.

He then proceeds to kneel down on the stairs and changes.

From there it appears he disappears.

Images below:

These video grabs of the suspect show why this is significant:

This person, which the FBI waited 7 days to put out a wanted poster on, first emerged from BEHIND DC police and then began agitating the crowd by yelling Epstein.

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Alex D.

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