The Vatican just announced that Pope Francis will meet with ‘Top Comedians’ from America, And the List Is Wow

The MSM take:

In a unique gathering, Pope Francis is set to meet with some of the world’s most famous comedians on Friday, 14 June. The Holy See Press Office announced on Saturday that the Pope will host a group of international comedians and comic artists at the Vatican.

The audience, organised by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Culture and Education and Dicastery for Communication, will take place in the Apostolic Palace at 8:30 a.m.

More than 100 entertainers are expected to attend, with the aim of “establishing a link” between the Catholic Church and these artists, according to the press release.

The event aims to “celebrate the beauty of human diversity” and “promote a message of peace, love, and solidarity.” It promises to be a significant moment of intercultural dialogue and sharing of joy and hope.
“Grant Me A Sense of Humour”

He wanted humor and here’s what we are sending!!!

The United States is sending what they consider their funniest and most successful comedians to meet with the Pope.

The comedians going are:

1. Stephen Colbert
2. Jimmy Fallon
3. Jim Gaffigan
4. Whoopi Goldberg
5. James Martin
6. Tig Notaro
7. Chris Rock
8. Conan O’ Brien

The comments on the video are something else:

Any actual Catholics?
Any Pro-Lifers?
Any comedians?

Nope, the list is something totally different!

The Pope expressed to the gathered artists his belief that humourists, including actors, artists, cartoonists, and writers, have “the ability to dream up new versions of the world,” often doing so “with irony, which is a wonderful virtue.”

At least they all consider themselves comedians.

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Mad Celt
Mad Celt
14 days ago

Whenever there is a serious matter facing humanity I always call in an assortment of comedians for wisdom and advise.